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Welcome to the Magiks Most Evile Wiki!

Ever wanted to summon massive all comsuming elementals to destroy that one Minecraft world you've had since 2012 and would do anything to save? No? Huh... Well you should still get Magiks Most Evile! It does way more cool stuff that just blow stuff up! I think... --\_(~_~)_/--

Magiks Most Evile is a Minecraft mod for Forge versions 1.15.2+, which specialises in Evile Magiks, as the name suggests!

Epic! Where do I start?

If you don't have Magiks Most Evile yet, what are you doing!! Go get it now!! (Or don't that's ok too) See our downloads page!

If you do have Magiks Most Evile, good. Checkout some of our other pages for information on everything relating to Evile Magiks!